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Bronzino® containers are hand-made by artisans from solid copper and zinc and are suitable for use inside and out. All designs are exclusive to Bronzino, and created by Scottish artist-designer Kenneth Topp. Each is inspired by historic metalworking techniques, but are not copies of old designs, more reinventions of the past along with new forms that meet contemporary functional requirements. 

Each Bronzino® design requires a different application of skill and technique. For example, our riveted pieces use one of the world’s oldest techniques for fastening metal, while ribs add strength, durability and a pleasing rhythm to our best-selling ribbed designs.

The traditional patinas give each piece a unique colour which will be enhanced through time.

The fine materials and handiwork that characterise each Bronzino® piece sets them well apart from ordinary containers, and makes them easy to incorporate into sophisticated and elegant interior schemes. Their uses extend well beyond the display of plants – clients are also known to use them as fountains, log baskets and home office storage.

The lightness of the containers also makes them ideal for locations where weight may be an issue, such as roof terraces, balconies and yachts.

Bronzino® works with architects and designers worldwide.

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