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Red Rhino Crushers

Our products work on a very simple action that calls tor two jaws, set in V, to be powered together. Material — rocks, bricks, kerbstones — entering the top become progressively crushed as they slip down into the V until they are small enough to fall through the gap at the bottom. The size of the finished material is governed by the width of the gap at the bottom. Output can vary from 10mm to 150mm depending on the settings of the jaws. Maintaining the momentum of the crushers through the heavy flywheel is the key to successful crushing. If a particularly tough lump of concrete is encountered there is enough reserve power to crush even the hardest lumps.

All our crushers are manufactured here in the UK using the best quality materials and skilled labour. We believe that by controlling the quality of the inputs into the product, the quality of the product we produce will stand up to the day to rigours of the crushing industry. Our products are built to last.

Sales Contact
Lesley Perrin
Telephone Number
+44 (0) 1476 590790
Alma Park Industrial Estate, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 9SE, UK
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