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Woodroyd Ltd has 5 products.

Artificial Grass from Woodroyd

Our products are manufactured by a technologically advanced system to produce the most natrual looking artificial grass available in the UK.

Value can be added to your home by improving its visual aspect.  With our artificial grass your home will look good all year round and you won't suffer any of the tedious disadvantages of natural turf.

It is practically indistinguishable from natural turf - most people will not notice that it is man made fake grass.

Put an end to mowing, weeding, disposing of grass cuttings and expensive lawn treatments. Free up your time to relax and enjoy your new garden. 

Once installed it is practical, child and pet friendly, UV resistant no more burnt patches.

Calcium Sulphate Screeds

Woodroyd was the first company to install Calcium Sulphate based screeds when they were introduced in this country. Conventional or traditional screed materials are eclipsed by Calcium Sulphate’s significant advantages, not least of which are speed of installation, higher strength and smoother, flatter finished floors. 

Woodroyd benefits from a long tradition of installing liquid construction materials using spray and pressure pumping techniques. Having now installed many tens of thousands of square meters of flowing Calcium Sulphate screeds, the company can claim to have unsurpassed experience and the expertise to tackle any job. 

The company obtains ready-to-use screed product from Cemex, Tarmac, Lafarge (see the video below) and Bardon and installs them into most types of construction project. The greater density and self compacting qualities make Calcium Sulphate screeds ideal for use with Under Floor Heating systems where the 100% contact with the heating element provides better heat transfer.


Guaranteed strengths of 30 N/mm².

Warranty available from manufacturer.

Installation speeds of up to 1000m² per day.

Access for following trades within 24 hours.

Surface is almost water flat and smooth.

Levelling screed usually not required.

Self compacting - very dense and uniform.

Minimal need for joints.

Thinner sections than conventional materials.

Ideal for use with Under Floor Heating

Soundness category "A" according to BS 8204: Part 1 BRE Screed Test.

Class SR1(BS8204-1 1999)  surface regularity can be achieved if specified.

TekSet Advance from Woodroyd Services Ltd

TekSet Advance is an innovation in resin bound decorative surfacing technology that out-performs every other system available. Its patent pending formulation allows for a highly aesthetic surfacing to be applied in weather conditions that stop rival products in their tracks

Passes Type One Scuffing test
REAL 10 Year Gurantee
Cures in Freezing Temperatures
Rain- Proof Application
Highly Aesthetic & Non yellowing
Up to 5 Times stronger than competitors

Bound Aggregate

Aggregate is pre mixed with a non yellowing clear resin before it is applied. The mixed material is then applied by trowel. The thickness can be adjusted to suit various site conditions and service requirements.

When installed on a robust sub base the system can be as little as 12mm thick.

We now have the ability to install on compacted fill at only 30mm to provide sufficient mechanical strength for use by vehicular traffic.

Because it is trowel applied, the system is relatively smooth. This technique is sometimes referred to as "Hand trowelled". Using natural aggregates bound with non yellowing aliphatic resin we can produce a durable, very high quality, low maintenance surface for use in almost any type of landscaping project. Bound Aggregate can be installed onto compacted sub base and the porous type makes an excellent surfacing for tree planters.

The system is ideal for pathways where a smooth, less textured surface is required. With a choice of aggregates from flint and granite to different shades of crushed glass the designs are limited only by your imagination. 


In recognition of the need to more effectively manage surface water run-off, the Environment Agency introduced a Sustainable Urban Drainage approach (SUDS), to water management.

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Bonded Aggregate

Bonded Aggregate describes the technique of bonding aggregate to an existing surface.

Adhesive is spread on the surface. Whilst it is still liquid a layer of aggregate is spread over it. When the adhesive has set, any excess aggregate is swept off to leave a layer of aggregate BONDED to the surface. We sometimes describe the effect as producing a "stuck down gravel path."

This system is typically 4mm to 6mm thick and is textured. The technique is sometimes referred to as "Scatter Coating" or "Coat and Scatter".

Bonded Aggregate is a durable, low maintenance surface ideal for use in almost any type of landscaping project. Systems can also be produced complying with Dept of Transport clause 924 for high friction surface dressing.

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