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Power Cables

- Power cables for industrial use for rated voltage of 0,6/1kV, with rigid or flexible copper conductor under the trademark Barrynax U1000 R2V, Barrynax NYY, THHN/THWN-2 and Barryflex RV-K.

- Armoured cables such as: RVFAV/RVFV, RVFAV-K/RVFV-K, RZ1FAZ1-K/RZ1FZ1-K (AS), SZ1FAZ1-K/SZ1FZ1-K(AS+) (double tape armour applied helically); RVMV, RVMV-K, RZ1MZ1-K (AS), SZ1MZ1-K (AS+) (round wire armour); RVFA3V/RVF3V,  RVFA3V-K/RVF3V-K, RZ1FA3Z1-K/RZ1F3Z1-K (AS), SZ1FA3Z1-K/SZ1F3Z1-K (AS+) (corrugated tape armour)

- Cables for domestic use with solid and flexible copper conductors under the brand name (THHN/THWN-2, Barry H05V-U, Barry H07V-U, Barry H07V-R, Barryflex H05V-K, BarryflexH07V-K, Barryman NYM, Barryflex Man H05VV-F, etc.).

- Cables for indoor use and protected fixed installations, electrical equipments and fixed lighting ( Barry v2-u: H05V2-U, H07V2-U/R, y Barryflex V2-k: H05V2-K,H07V2-K) also made with silicon (Termosil H05S-U, Termoflex H05S-K, Termoflex SS H05SS-K, & Termoflex Man H05SS-F ).

- Cables for control and instrumentation (Barryflex oil H05VV5-F, Barryflex Múltiple ES05VV-F, Barrynax Múltiple U1000 R2V, Afirenas Múltiple RZ1-K(AS)).

- Fire performance and Halogen free cables. High security cables (AS) under the brandname AFIRENAS  (Afirenas-L H07Z1-K(AS), Afirenas-X  RZ1-K(AS) 0,6/1 kV (and its armoured cables), AfirenasCC-Z H07Z-R, Afirenas ES07Z-K(AS), AfirenasCC-Z1 ES07Z1-R(AS)).

- Fire resistant cables. High security reinforced (AS+) cables, under the brandname Afirefénix SZ1-K (AS+) and its armoured versions.

- RZ cables, XLPE-insulated copper conductors cabled helically for 0,6/1 kV voltage. It´s specially designed for aerial distribution lines.

- Cables for use in Photovoltaic solar installations. Solflex SZ-F(AS), XZ-K(AS), XZ1FAZ-K(AS), XZ1FA3Z-K(AS)

- Bare copper conductors for both aerial and grounding installations under the Terranax trademark.

- Pre-filled conduits type ICTA 3422. Precab and Precabo conduit filled with Barry, Barryflex or Afirenas Cables.

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Miguel Ángel Tascón
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+34 902 532 121
Avda. P. Pablo Díez, 157, Aptdo. 234 - 24010, León, Spain
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