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Benfield ATT Group

Benfield ATT Group:


Houses, Flats & more up to 7 floors – Special components & features, Garden Studios, Annexes, Traditional post & beam

Extend, Remodel, Build New | Trusses & Components 

Helping Construction Professionals to Develop Sustainably & Profitably 


Our ‘SolidLox’ range of Ancillary buildings is the perfect solution to adding more space to your home by utilising your outside space. Whether it be for a Garage, Carport, Summerhouse or even a Home Office. SolidLox is a flexible, cost effective solution to traditional Post & Beam construction. You can choose from standard off the shelf models through to FULLY bespoke designs to ensure you get the exact building you want.


Building your own home or extension can be met with many challenges along the way. We can take you through the entire process from design to construction. Leaving you to enjoy  building your dream without the stress.

Our timber frame extensions are fast to erect and not weather dependent like ‘wet build’ masonry, so your life will be less disrupted while your project is taking place. A watertight shell can be constructed in only a few days. 

From standard kits to fully bespoke designs you will find a timber frame extension for you!


Imagine getting planning permission, clearing your site and getting your new development up and sold in one quick easy process. Sound easy?

With Benfield ATT Group it's reality.

We design, make & build LOW ENERGY HOMES. Choose bare kits, Completed Shells, Full Turnkey Homes, Feature Trusses, Garages, Carports, Porches and Balconies, Park Homes.

  • Housing Projects
  • Schools
  • Care facilities
  • Social Housing
  • Holiday Parks
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and much more.

At Benfield ATT Group we recognise that our true strengths lie in the knowledge and experience of our dedicated team of professionals.

Whatever your project …Wherever it is located …Talk to us first.

You’ll be glad you did.


Do you spend too much of your valuable time on tasks that keep you from doing the thing you love to do - DESIGNING ?

Take the stress out of the Planning Application & Building Regulation Approval processes. Gaining Planning Permission can be one of the most frustrating and drawn-out processes of any build. Architects, landowners and builders hire us to take care of as much, or as little, of the process as they want saving themselves the hassle. From initial design assessment through to full application management there is a service for you. Let us deal with many of these chores for you.

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Benfield ATT Group has 14 products.

Gazebo’s, Pergolas, Arbours

SolidLox Outdoor Living:
  • Made to measure designs
  • Weatherproof or open
  • Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels
  • Private & Care Homes
  • Easy Self Assembly
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Pool Houses & Hot Tubs
  • Free Standing or Lean-to
  • Play areas
  • Choice of timbers       


Hand Crafted, Self Assembly, Timber Frame Garages, Carports and Other Buildings

You can build so much more with SolidLox, Easily, Affordably and Quickly.

Originally developed for Garages and Car Ports, SolidLox can be used for so many other types of post and beam buildings:

  • Stables
  • Garden Rooms
  • Home Offices
  • Gyms
  • Studios
  • Small Extensions
  • Porches
  • Balconies

Carports & Garages

"Classic Country" 

SolidLox’s Traditional Garage range is designed to facilitate easy construction while preserving a traditional aesthetic. We achieve this through the use of the Solidlox proprietary connective system, an improvement over older methods of construction, to connect our beams.

Special Levelling System

Our posts sit on adjustable metal baseplates, concealed by wooden shrouds, to ensure a perfectly level structure, while the addition of curved bracing with mortice and tenon joints to posts and your choice of timber and cladding finishes the garage in a style that speaks to you personally.

Individually Customised

The Solidlox system lends itself to customization. We build our timber garage kits in green oak, douglas fir or redwood and offer a range of options. You can choose your ideal roof covering, cladding and enhancements such as doors, insulation, windows and dormers.

Planning Compliant

With consent for planning permission in mind, we offer low pitched roofs that keep the overall height of the garage below 4 metres. We also offer high pitched roofs for those looking to create a room in the roof, ideal for storage or a home office area.

Bespoke Designs

We provide a full bespoke service along with our beautiful range of standard single, double and triple bay garages. If you can provide us with a rough, dimensioned sketch of what you want, we will return a quote for supply of the kit and for erection.

Higher Specifications

Solidlox timber garage kits are built to a higher specification than similar products. We use heavier beams (100mm x 220mm) and heavier posts (150mm x 150mm) to provide wider and deeper bays, and we install sarked roofs with waterproof membrane covering to create an enclosed, dry structure straight away.

Grand Garages

Extendable – Outwards AND Upwards

Grand Garages are designed to be extendable. The precision manufactured frames enable you to start with the smallest models and then, as and when the need arises, add to the structure, either at the end, the side, or by replacing the roof.

Made to Match in with YOUR present buildings and architecture.

Easy Timber Frame

Brilliant New Concept

A whole new concept in timber frame structures for Professional, Trade and DIY Builders. Suitable for Ground & 1st Floor Extensions, Home Offices, Garages and larger developments. Standard panel formats, mean building with timber frame could not be easier. Simply select the panels you need from a pre-priced list and order them direct, or online.

Specially Designed to:

Minimise waste so that this isn't hidden in the price you pay

Standardise manufacture to enhance quality, speed delivery, and keep prices down

Build-in robust structural features to reduce your need for expensive engineering

Give you freedom to 'pick and mix' your modular plan layout

Allow clear full height floor to ceiling openings for windows and doors

Let you decide how sustainable and energy saving you want your building to be

Really Does Speed Up Self Build

  • Easily to do more of the work yourself, without expensive trade skills
  • Helps you design your building yourself, so minimising costly professional fees
  • Is easily manhandled to reduce the need to hire costly mechanical equipment
  • Can pass through rooms and passageways, making access restricted areas easy
  • Minimise on site cutting, helping keep access and work areas clean, dry and safe

For more information on our Timber Frame Houses - Please click HERE

Beautiful Buildings Begin with Benfield ATT

Realise your projects faster and more cost effectively

From site surveys, town planning, architectural design and structural engineering, through manufacturing and specialist erection, to procurement and project management services, our Value Engineering approach is designed to help you secure the project you want.

Cut your construction costs and delivery times

By integrating Fast Founds + Fast Frame + Fabric First in a single price offering, our Full Service, Design & Build organisation incorporates SIP’s, Timber Frame, CLT/XLAM, Fenestration and external Wall and Roof claddings to cut your construction costs and delivery times and give you price certainty.

Your project will be in safe hands

With over 80 years’ experience providing High Quality buildings & property developments you can rest in the knowledge that you and your project will be taken well care of.

Biomass Fuel Stores & Plant Rooms

UK First

Biomass Pellet Stores, Boiler Rooms and Combined Boiler/Store plant rooms. Built from natural timber, they are a first for the UK market and provide a far more aesthetically-pleasing solution to the requirements of a biomass boiler system than vast metal containers.

Easy Assembly 

Building on the success of our garages and carports, our Biomass units utilize the same proprietary connective system that allows them to be self-assembled quickly and easily by any competent DIY’er or local builder.

Highly Customizable

Our standard buildings were created to appeal to a wide array of tastes, however they can be modified to any size or design you wish and there are a selection of timbers you can choose from – Douglas Fir, Green Oak or Redwood. You can also pick your own roof covering and type of cladding.

Bespoke Designs

If you have a specific design in mind, send us a rough drawing with dimensions and we can return a quote to you for supply and erection of the kit.

Labour & Material Shortages

Quality Timbers & other material

Our CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) timbers are C16 and C24 strength graded timber (EN14081), machined to consistent widths for accurate work, kiln dried for extra stability, and pressure treated to enhance resistance against rot and insect attack.

Cutting service available.


Green Oak Traditional & Modern Heavy Trusses & Frames

To view our Full Collection of TradTruss - Please click HERE