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Outstanding ICE for e-gaming


ICE 2020 was for e-gaming one of the best editions since company´s participation on this biggest and most  important European gaming event. The amount of visitors was far above our expectations taken into account the political climate in a lot of countries at the moment regarding our industry in general.

We were happy to welcome our existing and many new potential customers and business partners from various countries and continents.

This year we have seen considerable number of Latin American customers where our business is constantly growing and most importantly  potential new partners for interesting jurisdictions which could be added to the ones where e-gaming already has its significant footprint.

We were presented new challenging projects and we are looking forward to start business in those countries. It certainly takes a while to pave a good road to success in another continent but after 6 years we have already created a good name for e-gaming  in Latam and all the efforts made in those years finally start to pay off.

We have closed important deals for delivery off online game content for Latam casinos at this year’s show and others are underway to be finalized; and we have also noted great interest in e-gaming products coming from some visitors of the north of Europe and other European jurisdictions for land based and online content .

At this year’s show we have presented new cabinet e-flat, which caught attention of many visitors at our stand. The cabinet will be available for mass production at the end of this year and will be at hand it two versions – upright and sit-down and can be configured with 2 or 3 27”monitors with led stripe around all monitors; followed by the version with 32” monitors.

Our former very demanded  and successful cabinet e-neon was also shown during the event and still has a lot of buyers. Besides the cabinets we presented significant number of new land based games and online game content for all our markets and our software team is working towards to many releases of new exciting games. We presented new games for Belgium,  where we already have very successful experience on the best performing casino websites; only this year we launched 6 new game titles for online casinos and 5 new titles for land based operations while first land based games were released just a few days before the show and online launch was done on the 10th of February.

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