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Let’s reopen together: Alberici solutions against Covid-19


In this difficult moment, what matters the most to us is everyone's health. We are doing our best to join the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and get life back to normal. As a trusted partner for over 70 years, we know that for your business you need fast and reliable access to quality products to get through these unprecedented times.

With this in mind, we have applied our know-how and used our resources to design a specific range of products aimed to simplify and facilitate the management of new health security rules and social distancing procedures. Our goal is to help you REOPEN and START AGAIN safely and in compliance with government’s provisions.

Here are our solutions for your business safety:

TCA - THERMO CONTROL ACCESS is an access control device based on body temperature detection. No more thermometers and manual measurements! TCA is a smart and intuitive device which can also be connected to preexisting automated access gates.

SANITIX24 is a multifunction dispenser suitable for the sale of any type of sanitizing product. Highly performing and with a modern and ultra-compact design, it is the right choice for any type of store and guarantees a 24/7 sanitizing service.

Refills for dispenser SANITIX24 (purchasable as needed):

SAFETY FILTERING FACE MASK washable and reusable, available in different sizes.

DISINFECTING WIPE with Chlorhexidine, single-use, pocket size and ready to use.

HAND SANITIZING GEL ready to use, effective in 15 seconds and pleasantly fragrant.

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