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Alberici launches SANITIX24


The health emergency, that has hit us so hard, has affected not only our health and the healthcare system as a whole but, due to the peculiarity of the restrictive measures we suffered for the first time, it had a very strong impact on the everyday life of each of us.

The question we all ask ourselves is: how will our habits change? How will we interact with other people from now on? What will the “new normal” be?

Alberici S.p.A. joins all those entities that, setting health as a priority, want to focus on the future, on a conscious restart and on the need to be resilient to the scenarios that await us.

With this in mind, we have applied our know-how and used our resources to design SANITIX24: a multifunction small size dispenser suitable for the sale of any type of sanitizing product. Highly performing and with a modern and ultra-compact design, SANITIX24 is perfect for any type of store.

Installed on the wall or on a free-standing support, indoors or outdoors, SANITIX24 is the ideal dispenser for pharmacies, tobacco shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, companies, public offices, stations, airports, hospitals, stadiums and all the other places where gatherings of people could be created or where an express 24/7 sanitizing service can be useful.

SANITIX24 embodies the concept of safety: in addition to the distribution of sanitizing products, it helps to reduce queues in the stores and it’s effective in social-distancing by avoiding direct contacts and money transfers between people in respect of the health of sellers and buyers.

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