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TablesWin produces fully customizable gaming tables and casino equipment. TablesWin represents the connection between technology, design and art.

From the marriage between experience and new technology, emerges TablesWin, a company that can create the “sartorial” product, created to individual perfection by the customer.

TablesWin reinvents the craftsmanship, giving value to the manufacturing tradition and contextualizes masterfully through the use of the most modern technologies thanks to the main company’s engine: the passion and devotion to a complex craft, charming and immortal, able to design and develop products that go beyond the simple object, becoming true masterpieces.

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TablesWin has 10 products.

Grunge Collection

Grunge is a table inspired by the industrial world, particularly to its elements. The idea is that various materials such as cement and metal grids, come to life intersecting with each other and merging into a sculpture that acts as a support for the top. The materials used create a visual contrast and punctuate the various structural elements that bind forming a single block lightened by the solidity and voids that result.

Royal Vassel Collection

Royal Vassel collection it’s inspired to the war’s vessels. Back to the concept of the hold’s ship, the base of the tables is composed by some wooden boards which acts as a structural support and at the same time they transmit a sturdy sensation keeping the structure optically lightweight. The vassels’s elegance is represented by the materials and the finishing touches used for the realization of the tables.

Those, indeed, are made of mahogany, and they have been adorned with some golden details which are giving to them more light and brightness. Furthermore, the finishing natural painted give to the tables some refined light reflexes.

Golden Wave Collection

A golden wave that embrace who is watching it with its elegance and beauty.  The Golden Wave collection is characterized by its curves enhanced by a copper ring that surround the base with warmth. As the waves of the sea reflect the sunlight and are crossed by it, also the Golden Wave collection repropose appealing light effects. The dark-color structure is gloss finish so it reflect the light, while the copper ring exude the typical color of the sea during the sunset reflecting the sunrays. In the end the glass in the base lets the light cross in. These materials and effects embrace themselves in a new, original and appealing design.

Diamond Collection

The design collection Diamond was born from a new conception of casino tables. A strong impact line, which attract and lightens as a precious jewel. The base, made of steel, has some mirroring details which reflected the light and everything there’s around, creating a wonderful optical effect: charming, elegant; refined and of a strong character at the same time. A strong and luxurious line and structure, as only a diamond is aware being like that. 

Column Collection

The classical art, the ancient refinement of the column’s blocks enhanced by some golden reflexes and from the warmth of the wood. And so on it’s born Column, a refined collection which use the essential element of the ancient Greek architecture as a support, not as a place or worship but as an emotion: the amusement. In the same way the ancient Greek temples, being caressed by the sun seems to bet fired; same for the column collection which reflect warmth light thanks to the golden grooves owned inside the bases.

Brooklyn Collection

Brooklyn is a new line inspired to one of the most appreciated modern masterpieces in the world: Brooklyn Bridge. Its elegant curve and massive at the same time, act as support for those tables which succeed to unify the elegance and the modernity using two basic materials: the wood and the steel. The steel tie-rods putted in the curve, they calls upon the collection’s concept, and they are contrast – even formally – with the wood. Curves and straight lines are married together giving the refined idea of modern elegance.

Pantheon Collection

Pantheon it’s an elegant line of tables inspired to the “classical art” elements. The base recall the ancient capitals: it transmits sinuosity and lightness giving meanwhile the idea of sturdiness. The structure has been undressed of his trunk, keeping intact just the element above the column, those who’ve been unburden from the lines supporting the top, whereas the central element keep maintain itself solid and majestic.

Foliage Collection

Foliage it’s a new line of casino tables inspired to the nature, the strength, the sturdiness and also to the winding and elegance of its curves.

Naturally, the tree’s trunk act as support for the branches, those who spread off from the trunk shaping some sinuous curves which stands out in the sky. In the same way, Foliage collection pass down that sensation through the central structure, those who seems to literally expand and ascend itself upwards as a support for the crown.

Venice Collection

The lagoon, the gondolas, the wood, the water… reflexes and warmth… sensations and emotions which propose themselves again through the new Venice collection. Thinking again to the city of love, you can’t forget about the lagoon pilings which are characteristics through the gondolier’s canals. In the Venice collection, those suggestive elements are enhanced and interpreted again in a more modern key, to bring inside the Casino some of that atmosphere which is typically Venetian. The Venice line has an essential and versatile design which adapt itself in several different environments, staying anyhow always elegant.

Timeless Collection

A line that gleaned from the tradition of gaming tables, reinterpreting forms and maintaining the elegance and refined details.

Timeless tables are wooden sturdy and elegant tables with some brassed details. The feet’s shape recall the traditional supports of most of the craps tables. An everlasting piece, as its name recalls, which absolutely cannot miss in a gaming tables collection.