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GBA GV1 Note Acceptor

Astrosys International Ltd’s latest bank note reader, the GBA GV1, is a front loading, vault style note validator which targets secure markets ranging from kiosks, payment systems to gaming.  Designed to deliver on market demands for form and fit, it has unique characteristics which make it an attractive solution for serviceability and modularity.

The powerful GBA ST2 stackerless note reader is used as the GV1’s currency validation module, providing ready access to a wide variety of global currencies.  It is cunningly integrated into the GV1 transport system, yet can be easily accessed for cleaning or extraction.

With an eye on service wants and needs, everything about the GV1 is easy. It can quickly stripped down to its servicable parts. Belts are easily accessible for changeouts, the main PCB controller slides out from its position with the flick of a finger and the note transport pathway is completely accessible for cleaning.

The secure note cassette is audit-capable, lockable both to itself and to the GV1 chassis and can hold up to 800 notes.

Currently supporting MDB, pulse and serial interfaces, the GV1 is a high quality solution for virtually any type of secure, front access note handling application.

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