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Astrosystems (Microcoin & GBA)

Astrosystems (Microcoin & GBA) is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong based Astrotech Group and specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of cash handling products. There are two key product lines

-GBA, Global Bill Acceptors, bank-note validator.
-Microcoin electronic multi-coin validator. 

Our regional offices are:
Europe: Astrosystems Ltd +44 1235772201
USA: Astrosystems Inc +1 7026431600
Australia: Microsystem Controls Pty Ltd +61 2 4731 6655
Hong Kong: Astrosystems (Far East) Ltd +652 2342 6123 

Astrosys International Ltd services its diversified world-wide markets by a strong international network of regional offices located in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, supported by representation in other key global markets. Astrosys International initially developed a strong market presence, particularly in the UK and Europe with its GBA Bank Note Validator. Then, in 1999, it further strengthened its position as a global player in money handling, by acquiring Microsystem Controls, widely acknowledged as one of the leading coin validation technology experts worldwide. In keeping with its position as a respected and successful player in the validator industry, Astrosys International Ltd maintains a strong focus on product evolution and product excellence. 

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Astrosystems (Microcoin & GBA) has 6 products.

Microcoin QL

Designed from first principles, the Australian Design Award winning Microcoin QL introduces leading edge, single or multi-currency discrimination for a host of world-wide coin-op applications.

Operating at up to 10 cps, the QL coin acceptor is a high speed, multi-coin, field programmable device which is packed with features, including “Quick Learn” on-board programming. It can accept up to 12 different coins or tokens at speed without compromising the operation of the validator.

Coupled with comprehensive software support packages, the Microcoin QL provides end-users with a modern, generic coin-op solution which they can maintain in-house.

For “front-entry” applications, the Microcoin QL has its own mounting faceplate, offering a modern, stylish appearance to any machine. However, the same Microcoin QL can also be fitted into a top-entry application with ease by virtue of its industry standard size and mounting pin positions.

Microcoin SP115

The Microcoin SP is a stylish, space saving coin acceptor, delivering a tailored solution for short pro le, front entry applications, where space and cost savings demand minimisation.

In true Microcoin tradition, the SP is unique in its approach to design, technology and operation but does not compromise on function and performance.

115mm face plate.


Stylish and appealing design.

Unique “Parallel Path” debris release.

Conforms to industry standards

GBA ST1-C Bill Acceptor

The new GBA ST1-C  is a compact bill acceptor designed to suit all amusement and vending applications. It has a fully illuminated note entry bezel and a sleek design due to the absense of an external interconnecting housing cable. It is affordable whilst offering the reliability and security expected with top quality note acceptors. standard interfacesand full currency sets upto 70mm are available.

GBA GV1 Note Acceptor

Astrosys International Ltd’s latest bank note reader, the GBA GV1, is a front loading, vault style note validator which targets secure markets ranging from kiosks, payment systems to gaming.  Designed to deliver on market demands for form and fit, it has unique characteristics which make it an attractive solution for serviceability and modularity.

The powerful GBA ST2 stackerless note reader is used as the GV1’s currency validation module, providing ready access to a wide variety of global currencies.  It is cunningly integrated into the GV1 transport system, yet can be easily accessed for cleaning or extraction.

With an eye on service wants and needs, everything about the GV1 is easy. It can quickly stripped down to its servicable parts. Belts are easily accessible for changeouts, the main PCB controller slides out from its position with the flick of a finger and the note transport pathway is completely accessible for cleaning.

The secure note cassette is audit-capable, lockable both to itself and to the GV1 chassis and can hold up to 800 notes.

Currently supporting MDB, pulse and serial interfaces, the GV1 is a high quality solution for virtually any type of secure, front access note handling application.

GBA ST1 Bill Acceptor

The new GBA ST1 offers a new dimension in bill acceptors. It is a cost-effective, compact note stacker unit.  With a robust plastic construction, the ST1 can be used in either an up or down stacking orientation and has the option of lockable cashboxes, to maximise cash security. To accommodate slim-line machine designs, the ST1 can be configured to be situated in depths as limiting as 10cm.   The ST1 offers a variety of interface options including the MDB vending protocol and CCTalk.   Flashing note guides have been introduced to provide more obvious and user friendly interaction whilst an innovative new discrimination method, “Sense Technology”, has been developed to provide high level acceptance of true notes whilst maintaining security against counterfeit and fraud attempts.   The ST1 delivers the performance and functionality previously restricted to top end note validators, at a price to suit most budgets.

RoHS compliant products!

Microcoin and GBA brands go RoHS !! 

Currency validation manufacturer, Astrosys International Ltd, has completed a transition program which is delivering 100% RoHS compliant products to the market. 

Accordingly, its range of Microcoin coin validator and GBA note validator products are now available as fully RoHS compliant. 

"Even though our products are also used in markets which do not require RoHS compliance" say Robert Bird, Group Marketing Manager of Astrosys International, "we have taken this opportunity to convert our manufacturing facilities to RoHS compliant standards, meaning that our entire product range, regardless of destination can be delivered in RoHS compliant form". 

Astrosys International Ltd is a leading company in currency validation equipment. It services its diversified world-wide markets by a strong international network of offices in Australia, Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom, supported by representation in other key global markets.

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