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Amusys are Betting Terminal and Touchscreen Terminal specialists based in Traun, Austria.

Our standards are the dreams of our customers. "Whoever thinks, they are the best, have already ceased to get better." This saying is stamped into all our thoughts and deeds.

Amusys look upon innovation and growth not as a necessity, but rather as the legitimate right to offer our customers the latest state of the art technology whenever they purchase an Amusys betting terminal, touchscreen terminal, fixed odd betting machine or information kiosks.

All project teams strive not to subsequently succumb to the needs of the customer, but to recognise trends and possibilities as soon as they evolve in order to supply before the demand occurs.

Sales Contact
Otto Krauss
Telephone Number
+43 7229 67961
Johann Roithner-Strasse 131 Traun 4050 Austria
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Amusys is proud to announce its 15th Anniversary. Amusement Systems Electronics GmbH and better known as Amusys and was founded in 1999 by Mr. Otto Krauss and Mr. Peter Platzer. Amusys is based in  Upper Austria. The founders of Amusys brought a wealth of experience into the company in the ...

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AMUsys celebrates 20 years in Business



AMUsys is celebrating 20 years in business. Otto Kraus and Peter Platzer founded AMUsys back in 1999, foreseeing the need for a specialist sports betting terminal manufacturer. Sports betting has grown to become a major sector in the gaming industry and is indeed still booming in several countrie...

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AMUsys reports of betting terminal technology success at ICE.



Many people around the world appreciate and indeed really enjoy sports betting. This is the market that AMUsys focuses on by providing expert hardware solutions for sports betting companies. AMUsys can look back on many years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of sports b...

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AMUsys – The number one choice for sports betting terminals



Sports betting is an emotional form of entertainment. The outcome of the bet can and often does change many times throughout the sports event. People who like to bet want to be attracted by stylish designs and even more importantly – these designs need to be built to last. This is the exper...

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