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Our standards are the dreams of our customers."Whoever thinks, they are the best, have already ceased to get better." This saying is stamped into all our thoughts and deeds. We look upon innovation and growth not as a necessity of evil , but rather as the legitimate right to offer our customers the latest state of the art technology whenever they purchase one of our betting terminals, touchscreen terminals, fixed odd betting machine, information kiosks. All project teams strive not to subsequently succumb to the needs of the customer , but to recognise trends and possibilities as soon as they evolve in order to supply before the demand occurs.

Contact Information

Sales Contact
Otto Krauss
Telephone Number
+43 7229 67961
Johann Roithner-Strasse 131 Traun 4050 Austria
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Cashpoint Agentur & IT Service GmbH

Cashpoint was founded in 1996 and has since earned the right to call itself one of the leading providers in the sports betting and entertainment industries. This is not least due to successful innovations over the past ten years accompanied by establishment in Germany, the UK and other international markets. Betting shops, terminals and an online platform provide extensive market coverage for a broad target group.

Cashpoint also strives to achieve public acceptance of sports betting and gambling in general by providing structured processes, fair competition and prompt, serious financial processing. Furthermore, Cashpoint is aware of the great social responsibility to the customer and society in general, and assigns a high level of importance to the topic of Responsible Gaming.

The latest technical developments and innovations in sports betting and gaming will also be presented in 2013 to all tradeshow visitors.

The Cashpoint franchising programme is built on years of solid experience, credible franchise partner support and a comprehensive concept of effective cooperation.

Contact Information

Telephone Number
+ 43 1 217 71 1562
2201 Gerasdorf, Viktor Kaplan Strasse 9, AUSTRIA
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KT Group Limited

The KT Approach

The KT Group specializes in the development of all types of self service, digital advertising, digital signage and display technology Kiosks.

The company primarily focuses on its ability to deliver a range of standard kiosks, as well as specializing in the development of custom/bespoke kiosk enclosures.

We offer a full range of indoor, outdoor, wall mounted, and table top kiosks and have the ability to produce several hundred kiosks per month.

About KT

With centrally located production facilities KT is a versatile and dynamic corporation that focuses on high level of customer service,

In-depth knowledge in the design and functionality of a Self Service Kiosk and Digital Signage Terminal has resulted in hundreds of different installs across the globe for KT. With quality kiosks being shipped from its central locations in Asia and Southern Europe,.

KT offers its valued customers, a 3 year warranty, the ability to produce and deliver on time, high quality European designs and very attractive pricing.

KT Focus

Over the past several years KT Group has focused on developing various models of Bill Payment Kiosks and offer a high quality choice of components from suppliers who are market leaders in their respective fields.

KT has grown its market of Bill Payment Kiosks, having supplied many different clients all around the world. Germany, Austria, South Africa, Vietnam, Mexico, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Syria, Tunisia, Nigeria, India, Middle East, Sri Lanka are all countries that have worked with KT in developing and launching Bill Payment Kiosks.

The models we have developed are all made with the same high quality workmanship and all offer our standard 3 year warranty. The difference being the component(s) that offer additional functionality such as

1. Cash Note pay in and pay out
2. Coin pay in and pay out
3. Credit Card Payments
4. Check Depositing
5. Bank Draft Dispensing
6. Printing of Receipts, Bank Statements, eTickets or a combination.

All KT designs are 100 percent unique. KT has its own designers in house, and although many other firms have copied our product and the one thing that distinguishes us is that we are always on the forefront of a new working design therefore being able to stay one step ahead of the competition.

With our lengthy experience and successful deployments we have also grown our mechanical engineering abilities and now we offer more complex metal works as our staff have grown in experience from producing simple information kiosks to the more advanced Payment Kiosks which typically can have over 70 different parts all of which have to cohesively work together.

Offering a 3 year warranty is our way of, without shouting aloud, saying that we are proud of our Kiosks and that lengthy tests have confirmed that the KT Kiosk can operate day in and say out for at least the next 3 years.

Contact Information

Sales Contact
Ken Larsen
Telephone Number
UK +44 (0) 207 193 2740
KT Group Ltd.
10A Seapower Industrial Centre
177 Hoi Bun Road,
Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Telephone Number
+44 1483 293900

Amaya Gaming Group