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Here is YourGuide to the leading suppliers of Heritage, Souvenir Coins

National Tokens

National Tokens (part of provides lasting memories in the form of timeless souvenir coins on which both monuments (such as cathedrals and historical buildings) and commercial sites (such as football clubs or recreational parks) are depicted.

These souvenir coins are sold through dispensers and are collected by many people over the world.

National Tokens has operations worldwide and have established a very special international souvenir coin collection which continues to grow. The collection currently boasts over more than 1,000 different coins in 40 different countries.

We are still looking for partners over the world who are willing to cooperate to expand our international network. Please look on the website for more information:

Sales Contact
National tokens - sales team
Telephone Number
0032 14 50 79 30
Zone Reme 7, B- 2260 Westerlo, Belgium
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