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UNIS Train Steaming Along


How many times have you heard a little kiddie say "I want to be a train driver when I grow up", well with the UNIS Games Mini Train, they can.

Get onboard with this adorable mini express train featuring cool smoke effects, an interactive mini game to play when you ride, whistles and a gentle rocking motion... a fun ride designed for younger children.

The safe, smoke effects are a real eye catcher, attracting the attention of every passing would-be little train driver. The juice that creates the smoke effect is easy for the operator to replace, and the unit is compact and gel coated for durability. All in all a great buy for keeping your younger visitors happy and game play in your venue full steam ahead.

Shipping now in the US and Europe.

Find out more at email Steven Tan or call Debbie Gonzalez, US Sales Manager on Tel: +1-714-377-0508

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