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Sacoa at IAAPA EXPO 2019


At IAAPA Expo in Orlando, USA, Sacoa Debit Card System, the worldwide leader in Cashless System with over 1800 installations in 70 countries around the globe, will be showcasing its latest products at the upcoming show on November 19th and 22th.

The latest Sacoa development includes, among others: Spark reader, the M-POS – Mobile POS -, and Zodiac - the Administrative Console-:

The revolutionary low-cost, small-footprint, 2.8” HD color reader by Sacoa comes with RFiD and NFC reading capability (cards, wristbands, tokens & key fobs) off the box, magnetic card is now optional. It enhances customer experience with its backlight coloring, which can be adjusted to show age-restrictions, promos, tickets awarded, etc.  The device is fully Universal Card Link (UCL) compatible, and it is water and dust resistant in its tap version.

Compact and portable, the new Mobile POS, allows all the features that the desktop POS can manage, such as Playcard analysis, sale and recharge, retail merchandise, etc. It supports RFID and magnetic Playcard swipes, printing and game emulation as well, all in a user friendly interface. What is more, it supports credit card payment for the US market to make operators´ businesses ready for EMV’s secure payment process.

Zodiac is the all-new Sacoa Playcard responsive, friendly and multilingual system configuration tool. Being web-based, it allows configuring any system detail via a simple web browser, be it from a desktop computer, a tablet or even a smartphone. Configurable items include: Game pricing, POS and M-POS products and buttons, product stock, security. It also includes tools for system maintenance and reporting like a troubleshooting wizard (with video tutorials), system health monitor, game controller enable/disable and access control, card roaming and search, sales and collection report access, etc.

Sacoa, as a cutting-edge company, is always one step ahead and is working on important developments that will have total and rapid acceptance by operators of the entertainment industry and its customers.


Visitors to the expo will have the opportunity to learn more about these fascinating products at Sacoa’s booth #603 at this year IAAPA Expo

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