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Highly specialist. Ever-critical. Like no other. Quixant bring a distinctive combination of skills and resources to every partnership and G2E, Las Vegas was no exception. As pioneers in the design, development and manufacture of outsourced PC-based gaming solutions, Quixant understand the breadth and depth of challenges presented by one of the world’s most complex and regulated industries.

This year at G2E the Quixant Interactive Tech Area focussed on its unrivalled Gaming Ecosystem®.  Each one of its market-leading gaming features has been expertly engineered to enable cost-effective game development, seamless integration, speed-to-market delivery, regulatory compliance and enhanced user experience. QxVDR reduces the impact of pre-rendered video decoding, switching operations from CPU to GPU and vice-versa, QxVDR allows smoother game play and more videos to be played simultaneously. And, with the introduction of 4K ultra-HD content to create more detailed and vibrant games, QxVDR uses hardware acceleration to minimise system resource utilisation whilst still offering high compression ratio.

“More so than ever before this years’ G2E demonstrated that advancing technology in wager-based gaming and sports betting is paving the way for a better, more immersive experience for players – one that draws a wider variety of demographics and keeps people in their seat longer. Pushing technological boundaries to ensure our partners are always ahead of the game in providing the best gaming experience to the end players has never been more central to our proposition.” Abhinay Bhagavatula, Head of Product Development.

The Quixant SSBT was an undeniable crowd-pleaser. Coupling cutting-edge terminal engineering with first-class PC hardware and displays, the SSBT harnessed all the hallmarks of the Quixant legacy. From innovative thermal management, through attractive aesthetics, to class-leading audio, Quixant stood out as the pioneering new player in sports betting.

“Our commitment is to develop bespoke solutions suited to the needs of individual businesses and the markets in which they operate. We leverage our global expertise to do so, identifying and capturing collaborative opportunities as they arise to ensure the success of our customers. As such we were delighted to showcase a number of best-in-class innovations at G2E this year, not least our sports betting portfolio”. Abhinay Bhagavatula.

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