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Cummins Allison - Amusements

Cummins Allison - Effective solutions for your business 

Freeing up your time so you can focus on the most important aspects of running your operation is every manager’s aim. The JetSort® 1000 from Cummins Allison is a sure-fire way to help reach that goal, by giving you back the hours you spend manually counting coin. 

With the rising costs and constant pressure to save time, a more efficient way to process the large volume of coin generated by your amusement and gaming operation can be the key to unlocking productivity increases. With the JetSort 1000, you can streamline the whole process – simply tip the mixed coin from the cash box into the machine, follow the easy-to-read LCD display and your coins will be sorted, counted and either bagged or boxed, depending on your needs. With 99.995% accuracy, the dreaded manual recount will be a thing of the past. The machine provides separate and combined tallies ensuring balanced deposits, and it can also be integrated with a note counter, printer or computer to further maximise productivity and efficiency.

Why buy from Cummins Allison

Quite simply our solutions make your job easier. Cummins Allison’s coin counting and sorting machines have a proven track record of dependability, durability and longevity. Backed by cutting-edge technology and world-leading customer service, with a JetSort machine you can rest assured that your coin handling problems will be solved. Switch to JetSort 1000 for faster, more accurate and more reliable coin handling – giving you more time to focus on making your operation more profitable. Virtually any currency-intensive industry can improve their processes with our affordable solutions.  

Innovations that change industries:

Cummins Allison is a global technology leader and innovator in document-processing and money-handling solutions. Customers in amusement, gaming, financial, cash-in-transit, retail, law enforcement, government and other organisations rely on Cummins Allison solutions to help them work more efficiently, eliminate errors and improve their processes.  A true solution provider with decades of industry experience, we are continually expanding our portfolio to give our customers effective and reliable options for greater performance. 

Our portfolio includes: 

  • Currency authenticating, counting and imaging 
  • Coin authenticating, counting and sorting 
  • Casino ticket processing and imaging 

Uncompromising quality, unparalleled service, non-stop innovation 

Cummins Allison reputation for quality solutions, outstanding service, and state-of-the-art technology spans the globe. Raising the bar on innovation and providing unmatched customer support continue to be the life blood of our company.

Sales Contact
Paul Clay
Telephone Number
+44 (0)2476 339810
William H Klotz House, Colonnade Point, Central Boulevard, Prologis Park, Coventry, CV6 4BU, UK
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Sales Contact
Aristidis Tsikouras
Telephone Number
+49 22 56 3000-0
Zum Lindenbusch 5, 53894 Mechernich, Germany
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