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Galactic Force

Galactic Force is our 6D simulator, which provides the guests with a thrilling ride to an unexplored planet and works on several levels to thrill the guests with water, wind, motion, and other effects.

A multilayered experience: - Motion Platform

- Water Emitters

- Wind Emitters

- Wraparound Screen - Surround Sound

- Responsive Blasters

The action unfolds on a truly impressive 9 x 2.2m screen.

The video feed is produced by 3 projectors synchronized together to deliver a breathtaking experience.

The 8-seat platform moves on 3 different axes to better deliver all the shakes and collisions of the virtual ride and thrills your guests.

Fast-paced action. Beautiful landscapes. Enormous monsters.

Your guests will be at the centre of a special operation to retrieve an ancient artifact.

Galactic Force is equipped with 2 outward facing monitors, which demo the game to the public creating even more interest to you attraction.

The simulator is equipped with pre-game safety instructions, as well as a comprehensive operator control panel, to keep your guests safe and you in total control.

Ducky Splash - Mobile

Ducky Splash - has finally launched on the most popular mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

The game can be found in the platforms’ respective app stores.

The gameplay captures that same great feeling that comes from directing a water stream which pushes the rubber ducks through the gate in a Ducky Splash physical cabinet.

The kids already love it, and the mobile version provides a unique opportunity to upgrade the water gun, change the duck figurines, and choose a custom gate to add additional impact and flair to the process. The game is done in 3D and supports all the latest mobile devices out there.

Monsters' Sea - Interactive Attraction

Monsters' Sea  is the ultimate interactive attraction with real time 3 D graphics and multi sensory special effects for a great adventure. This impressive theatre style game with shuttle cars, encourages competitive group with individual scoring. 

Journey through the frightening seaworld with gruesome monsters which you need to shoot before they eat you! 

HD 3D movie projection
360 degrees rotation on carts
Multiple screens -120" large  screen
Multiplayer  and individual scoring
Stunning scenery and virtual scenes
Incredible immersive sensory sensation

How To Play
Press the start button and using the gun shoot at the monsters as you travel through the ocean. Use the rotation of the carts to your advantage as you win points shooting the monsters using infrared detection.

Load Capacity: 4persons/car
Track Car: 4 car
Car Dimensions: W1100xD1870xH1680 mm
Speed: 0.5m/s
Power Supply: 10Kw 380V
Height: 3.3m
Area: 140m2
Game Stages: 6

Band it Express

Band it Express  - Ride and Shooting Game Attraction

Unique shooting action and gun design
Eight stunning 42” LCD screens (four on each side)
Mechanical gameplay integrated with on-screen digital gameplay
Four stages of play, colorful, bright with great variety of content
Head to head competition for up to eight players
Medium footprint, fully-fledged attraction perfect for smaller locations
High definition graphics that are entertaining and family friendly
Attractive, colorful thematic cabinet

Area: 6x9m
Load Capacity: 2 persons/car
Tack Car: 4 Cars
Power Supply: 4Kw

Dedicated webiste click here

Road Rally Battery Car

Road Rally Battery Car Set Package
4 Car Double seat
Fencing with inner protective fencing to surround 54 SQM.
Including durable flooring
Including exit and entrance door
Middle Station props with 2 units of 47” LCD and gas station 

Ride profile:
Coin Operated
Camera profile players and project onto big screen
Battery lasts around one year.
Takes 6-7 hours for complete recharge
Forward and Backward control for the cars

2 Size cars are available
Single Seat 1590x1000x780(mm).
Double Seat 1450*850*750(mm).
Available is Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange

How to play
Players Insert coin
Fasten seat belt
Operator press start to start ride ( Start button located on gas station kiosk)

Area: 6x9m, Load Capacity: 2 persons/car, Tack Car: 4 Cars, Power Supply: 4Kw

Aqua Adventure - Coin Operated Ride

Size of Aqua Adventure - Coin Operated Ride Area: 6.5m by 3.5 

Come drive the aqua train or ride as a passenger, 3 riders at one time.
Charming ocean themed musical coin operated ride.
Protective barrier surrounds track.
Figure of 8 track design.
Can accommodate track changes and size of ride.
Laps can be adjusted 1-8 laps using operator setting.

Power Supply: 380V/220V, 1KW
Load Capacity: 3 persons
Speed: ≤0.35m/s
Swing Angle: ±36°
Estimated Capacity: 30p/h
Fixed Number of Persons: 3 person
Area: L6.5 x W3.5(m)
Weight: 0.4T
Container Fitting: 1 unit in 20’ container

Flying Chair - Childrens Ride

Ride Duration: 3 minutes
Colorful lights and chairs - really attractive to children
Chairs swing to the jungle music!
Fun jungle animals theme
Fiberglass creates vivid look
Safe and secure
High income earner

Passengers: 2 per/chair
6 chairs in total
Footprint: 6m in Diameter
Height: 3m

Armor Droid - Kiddie Ride

Watch as the Armor Droid - Kiddie Ride changes shape before your eyes!

•Amazing and innovative kiddie ride changes from a cabin to a robot
• 7 ft. tall robot novelty attraction!
•Seats two children
•Equipped with safety locks and mechanisms
•Touch screen mini onboard game
•Cameras mounted on ride’s exterior

How to ride
•Passengers get inside the cabin and insert coins.
•Once the door closes, the lock mechanism will be activated automatically to ensure safety.
•The cabin rises up and turns into a robot and glides around.
•The robot will change back into a cabin when the ride is over to allow passengers to exit.

Area: 4.8x4.2m
Load Capacity: 2 persons
Robot Height: 2.4m
Total Height: 2.77m
Game time: 90 seconds (Adjustable)
Touch Screen Monitor Size: 15”
Container Fitting: 4 units in 40’ container, 2 units in 20’ container

Treasure Hunt - Arcade Game

Treasure Hunt arcade game is the first UNIS line that uses Kinect® technology to detect motion of players. Using body and hand movements to control characters on screen, the player progresses through 3 stages and collects treasure to earn points along the way while avoiding obstacles. 

This allows for a 1-player game with linkable capability for 2-player cooperative play. The colorful and vivid graphics are displayed on a 55” monitor. Great fun for all ages!

Uses Kinect® technology to detect motion of players
Single player game with linkable capability for 2-player cooperative play
Vivid graphics displayed on a 55” monitor

How to play:
Powered by  Kinect® technology, use body and hand movements to control characters on screen. Progress through 3 stages and collect treasure to earn points along the way while avoiding obstacles.

Rocket School Bus- Kiddie Ride

Ride and Learn on the Rocket School Bus Kiddie Ride - Blasting Good Fun! A charming kiddie ride with optional monitor with educational content. Seating up to 3 young children the ride has a gentle motion

Fun and educational ride
Can seat up to 3 young children
Optional 19” monitor with educational content
Beautiful lights, vibrant colors
Optional ticket redemption