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SUZOHAPP provides highly engineered component solutions for interactive self-service hardware to the global amusement, gaming, industrial, transportation and vending markets by serving both equipment operators and original equipment manufacturers.

SUZOHAPP’s solutions include control devices and systems, currency handling equipment, display solutions, environmental products, machine operation components and payment systems.  

With approximately 1,100 global employees in 19 countries serving more than 25,000 customers worldwide, SUZOHAPP has manufacturing, engineering, distribution and service facilities in 19 countries globally.

SUZOHAPP is owned by affiliates of ACON Investments, L.L.C., a Washington, D.C.-based private equity investment firm that has managed over $3.5 billion of capital.  

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Erik Radder, Sales Manager
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SUZOHAPP has 39 products.


The ICX Active-9 represents the new mid-range class of sorters and leverages best-in-class technology from the SCAN COIN ICP Active-9 that has become the benchmark for high volume sorters. 

Its unique Active Sorting® Technology ensures outstanding features: multiple currencies processed, very high throughput, multiple set-ups and configurations.

The ICX Active-9 has 9 coin outlets and a reject outlet. Multiple coins/tokens can be sorted into the same bag and coins of the same diameter can be separated into different bags, to remove legacy coins.

Processing up to 2,700 coins/tokens per minute, it has been designed for processing 250,000 coins per shift.

Open Frame Touchscreens

As long standing global partner of Elo. SuzoHapp is proud to present the 90-Series Open -Frame Touchscreens

*Superior quality & excellent reliability

*Wide, fit-to-purpose size range: from 10" to 27"

*Competitive price

SCAN COIN ICX Active - 9 coin sorter.

The ICX Active-9 is engineered to be the best at delivering what any coin sorter should - accuracy and consistency. The ICX Active-9 is a brand new mid-range Coin Sorter which has 9 coin outlets and a reject outlet, with a count speed of 2,700 coins per minute. 

Intelligent Coin System 30

For complete coin recycling, ICS is a real step ahead in multi-denomination coin pay-out technology. This Intelligent Coin System represents eight hoppers and a sorter all in one product. 

PKT - Picture Key Technology

PKT - (Picture Key Technology) is the leading-edge technology in tactile controls, combining SUZOHAPP’s key capabilities in push buttons, displays and RGB LED design to create an innovative all-in-one solution. 

PKT are fiber optic glass pushbuttons that present any graphic content from a display underneath the surface, with the tactile feel of mechanical pushbuttons. 


The INTERACTIVE PRO TABLE with 42” screen works as multi-touch and the screen itself can be split into four, two or one sections – making it an ideal four-player, two-player or single-player interactive product. Now developers can make new games to add more entertainment value for their customers. The scope for use is wide – to play games on, to watch live TV, to receive information, even to use as an internet terminal – or a combination of any of these! The Interactive Pro Table is designed to withstand harsh environments. Component access is simple. It can be used in a host of applications, including hospitality, retail, gaming, pubs and clubs alongside leisure centres.

LCD Push button

The LCD pushbutton unit is a new and innovative addition to the Suzo-Happ range for gaming devices, giving the game designer the additional tools to enhance content into the button itself.

SMART Ticket from Innovative Technology

The SMART Ticket is a unique banknote validator and ticket printer with fan fold or continuous roll ticket media options. The revolutionary note-in /ticket-out design eliminates the need for a separate printer and with rear or top mounting options, the SMART Ticket is suitable for multiple applications. Tickets are read and verified prior to issue, ensuring the validity of all tickets before issue.

TransAct Ticket Printer

The award-winning casino printer! It is currently installed in over half a million slots throughout gaming locations worldwide. The EPIC 950 thermal printer is famous for its proven reliability.


Electronic T-Lock

The electronic lock STC Dual can be (partly) opened electronically and using a two key system. During normal operation, the lock can be opened remotely with a security signal sent from an operator to the lock. When the security signal is sent to the lock, the lock will open half-way. In this position the handle can be fully unlocked with the key. In case of a power or electronic failure, the lock can be fitted with any regular T-lock cylinder. The bottom lock can be fitted with any regular CAM lock.