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SB International AB

SB International AB is an innovative Swedish company where the emphasis is on top quality and service. Our miniature vehicles are designed to provide fun for children in lifelike surroundings. The first mini vehicles were produced in the early 1990's. Quality, reliability, safety and design have been focus areas from the start.

Our business concept is based on the idea of providing children with ACTIVITY and FUN while at the same time giving them the opportunity to LEARN. We take the view that children learn things much more readily when they are enjoying themselves. Our rides should therefore be fun, interactive and educational at the same time.

All children dream about doing what adults do and in our concepts they get at chance to dive into the adult world in a fun way by being car drivers, racing drivers, farmers, boat captains or excavator operators. No matter whether you are a large amusement park, small camping facility, farm or concessionaire, SB International AB has something to offer.

SB International AB also undertake custom design projects in which we do special modification of vehicle bodies to meet customers’ criteria. This is one of our core strengths and we have developed custom vehicles for many larger theme parks including LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Universal Studios, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi just to mention a few.

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Ishwar Hirani
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+46 (0)36 375030
Kabelvagen 2, SE-55302, Jonkoping, SWEDEN
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SB International AB has 7 products.

Children’s Racing School

The Racing School is a concept where children get to race against each other on a miniature themed racing track environment. The track is arranged as a loop without intersections which is designed according to the area available. The vehicles are slightly faster than our standard vehicles but slow enough to guarantee safety for the children.

Create a themed racing track with e.g. bleachers beside the track and an attendee waving with a racing flag. Parents will cheer from the bleachers when the attendant waves with the racing flag and the winner is announced.

Let the children realize their racing dreams!

Children's Driving school

The Children's Driving School is our cornerstone concept that combines practicality with fun, and it truly incorporates educational aspects. Our driving school has been installed at large and small facilities all over the world providing lots of fun and essential traffic skills for children.

The attraction is based on the idea of creating a simulated miniature traffic environment in which children can learn and practice how to act in traffic. Therefore our driving school features scale model towns with traffic systems, road junctions, traffic lights and traffic signs. Many facilities theme the attraction with miniature buildings, gas stations etc. A driving license can also be issued after completion.

The Children's Driving School is a paradise in which all children are welcome to come and have fun.

Children’s Farm

The Children’s Farm concept gives children a chance to play at farming almost for real. Here they can find out about life on the countryside and drive a tractor like a real farmer.

The specially designed tractors can be fitted with a wide range of different accessories associated with farming. They run best on hard flat surfaces but can be driven on grass as well. Add farm buildings and animals and the children are guaranteed a delightful experience that is sure to become a memory to treasure.

Miniature truck park

The Brum Brum miniature truck park offers children a chance to try their hands at driving big, tough trucks in a miniature town where the conditions are geared to heavy goods vehicle. It includes miniature petrol stations, service centres and factories, all which help to create the challenging environments that so many children dream of. The trucks can be supplemented with various accessories.
Furthermore it presents excellent opportunities for corporate sponsorship.

Childrens Boating School

Our boating concept is designed exclusively for the commercial market, theme parks or leisure attractions. The concept is based round our King Boat product which is a normal size boat that takes two passengers. It is battery operated and very sturdy.

The idea behind the concept is to let children explore the adventure of being boat captains and learn how to drive a boat. The boats can either be used in an open water area or in a track that often is designed as a loop. SB International can provide ideas for track design if desired.

Mini Rides For Children Product Portfolio

SB International manufactures kiddie rides for children: Cars, trucks, jeeps, tractors, racing cars, boats and mini excavators. Please visit our website for details.

Mini Digger

The SB International Digging concept is build around our product Volvo EC Mini Digger. The attraction is normally arranged in a cluster of 2 or4 mini diggers and primarily designed for small to medium-sized facilities. The mini digger is already on hand in farm parks, amusement parks, zoological parks, camping facilities, play grounds, hotels and shopping centers in many countries around the world.

The Mini Digger is a great attraction for kids of all ages, including adults! Operating a mechanical digger is something we all wanted to do, and now it is possible in a completely safe situation. Volvo EC Mini Digger is a "grown-up digger" for children and it will quickly become the natural attraction amongst visiting children.