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Rhineland Incorporated

RHINELANDTECH (RHL) excels in the design and manufacture of all kind of self-service kiosk´s, betting and gambling terminals, design and IT-solutions. Serving a diverse range of customers, such as: State and municipality, private and state-owned gaming companies, shopping malls, hotels, airports, banks, etc., all of our products are designed around the principle: “Ongoing development, precision and punctuality ".

Long term customer partnerships are core to RHL´s success. We build a solid understanding of your challenges to provide solutions that add value to your business. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities deliver an agile and cost effective service. RHL provides kiosk and smart intelligence solutions from concept development to end product. Our range of kiosk´s extends from "shelf products" to customized software in uniquely manufactured cabinets.

RHL continues its efforts to develop self-service solutions that can be tailored to any industry and, above all, we endeavor to put us in the user's place in order to optimize user-friendliness and design. It is an art form in itself to look at technology through the eyes of the users. Communication is the key to any successful kiosk project. Before you can expect customers, visitors or employees to accept your kiosk as a tool that makes everyday life easier, they must know the purpose of the device and what it can be used for. 

At RHL, we know that we are in competition with deeply competent players on the market. Therefore, of course, we strive to explore new areas where self-service solutions can become a prevalent and integral part of daily operations.

RHL has long recognized that most companies demand flexible total solutions. Therefore, most of our cabinet can be easily customized to separate user options.

RHL collaborates with Sunstrong International Ltd (SIL), a multinational company, which has branches in China, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and Singapore. This collaboration gives RHL access to state-of-the-art production facilities, therefore, RHL is always able to supply quality products at the agreed times.

In order to ensure constant delivery of quality products, we run a quality system based on DNV ISO9001 / ISO14001 / TS16949 / ISO13485 standards. Through our quality assurance, we have obtained 4 International Quality Management System Certifications. 

SIL and RHL are suppliers to international companies such as: SHARP, PHILIPS, SONY, PANASONIC, ERICSSON, NEC, JVC, BOSCH, AXIS, CANON, SIEMENS, NCR...etc...

Kiosk & Gambling Design:   The Company’s main strength is developing custom kiosk & gambling terminal designs that meet our customer’s specific requests.

Technical Expertise:   Our experienced employees handle all technical challenges proficiently and professionally. We develop complex CAD and complete technical drawings.

Specialist Equipment:   We have a constantly updated database of special equipment and in-depth collaboration with suppliers, which ensures stable delivery of all types of parts and accessories.

Manufacturers:   Our manufacturers and their employees are specialized in management and project management from A to Z. This assures that material and processing always meet our customer’s criteria.

Tech Support:   We always provide ongoing technical support. We are   ready to answer questions concerning (but not limited to); manuals, certifications, remote control, local support, ect.

Telephone Number
+45 2872 0767
Hongyuan Road, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guandong Province, China
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