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Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides) Ltd.

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Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides) Ltd. has 36 products.

Spydero - Interactive Kiddy Ride

The latest cutting edge innovation in interactive kiddie rides. This new creation from the world leader in amusement rides is an interactive two seater children’s ride aimed at the 3 to 7 age group.


Fitted with multiple LED flashing lights and a realistic engine sound, this sports car will attract young customers thanks to its eye-catching and vibrant design. The sound of this luxury sports car revving its engine makes children feel more excited.

Interactive play:

Each rider has a foot pedal which when pressed, triggers the roar of the sports car’s engine. The ride is also fitted with two flashing buttons for additional in-car sounds.

Durable glossy material:

The ride is manufactured in a durable gelcoat which provides a high quality glossy finish. The ride is available in a range of standard colours but specific colours or bespoke customisations could be offered subject to additional costs.


The ride can be fitted with either a mechanical or electronic coin acceptor and set up to take most worldwide currencies.

Ben & Holly Kiddy Ride

Ride along with Ben and Holly on Gaston the ladybird as they travel through the Little Kingdom.

Creative Camper Van - Interactive Kiddy Ride

A fun colourful van inspiring creativity

This fun ride can seat 3 children at a time allowing friends to play together within the bright, colourful camper van.


22” touch screen monitor with a selection of games that can be chosen when the ride starts.

Extended game time can be chosen at the end of the ride to enable the chid to carry on playing.

This ride can have motion or be static with coin operated game only. Each version can incorporate redemption.

Projector Game

An ideal children’s game for any retail environment

Projector Game

This unit in its current guise features a coin operated projector and a choice of older style games to show customers how you can interact with the projected image.

Custom Design: Phone stand is just an example of what can be created and manufactured at Jolly Roger and can be used for a host of different uses like menu board/advertising etc.

Ezee Swap Eco Freddy - Coin Operated Interchangeable Kiddie Rides

The Ezee Swap Eco Freddy is a video game platform with interchangeable rides and gentle rocking motion.

Operators can swap their chosen rides and place them on the platform to suit their environment.

This ride is designed around a rocking base which is an alternative to the fully interactive Ezee swap platform.

Ezee Swap - Coin Operated Interchangeable Kiddie Rides

The Ezee Swap is a video simulator platform with interchangeable kiddie rides. Operators can swap their chosen rides and place them on the platform to suit their environment.

The simulator is made from durable self-coloured GRP.

This exciting coin operated simulator ride is aimed at the 3 - 7 age range and each ride option offers 4 selectable on screen tracks creating a thrilling experience that the child will want to repeat again and again. Videos are easily swapped when changing the ride by inserting a flash card and dongle.

The Ezee Swap simulator is fitted with a 22” TFT display which is featured on the inside of the platform.

The Ezee Swap ride moves in a rocking and side to side motion following the on screen footage. The ride is fully automatic, features pushable buttons and playful sound effects.

The simulator platform ride is available in a variety of colours and can be customised to display company logos. The platform ride can be fitted with detachable rides which are easily changed on site. There is a wide selection of themed rides including a Bumble Bee, Racing Car and Propeller Plane which feature a steering wheel or grab handle.

All of the Photo-Me children’s rides conform to the relevant safety standards and Photo-Me is a member of the British Amusement Catering Trades Association (BACTA) and the Amusement Devices Inspection Procedure System (ADIPS). Safety is also a major concern during the survey and installation process.

The Candy Shop

Jolly Roger is the UK’s number one kiddie ride manufacturer (subsidiary of Photo-Me International plc, the world’s leading photobooth manufacturer) have created this stunning new Candy Shop sweet dispenser.

The Candy Shop is a bright sweet dispenser built in durable self-coloured fibreglass; it would be a handsome addition to any entertainment or retail environment. The Candy Shop is based on an Edwardian Sweet shop frontage and can be bought in three different formats.

1/ Standard format has 12 x sweet dispensers and can be set up on different vend price and sweet selection, this option has standard door frontage.

2/ Standard format plus battery operated change giver incorporated in standard door frontage.

3/ Standard format plus mains powered candy grab incorporated in standard door Frontage.

Options one and two no power required!

Camper Van Kiddie Ride

Camper Van Kiddie Ride from Jolly Roger is based around a retro vehicle that will attract the attention of children and their parents. This colourful ride features on-board sound effects, three seats and a fun interactive geography game that will capture the attention of our young audience. This ride is easy to use thanks to it’s simple “plug and play” features. It is built from durable self-coloured fibreglass and is available in your own choice of colours.

JollyTown School Bus Kiddie Ride

JollyTown School Bus Kiddie Ride from Jolly Roger. The NEW Jolly Town range presents the School Bus. This single seat ride with a small foot-print, ideal for locations where space is a premium. This kiddie ride has two seats and two steering wheels, digital sound and a sound effect button. This a ride is perfect for children 3-6 age range with its gentle rocking motion, vibrant colour scheme and it’s easy to use "plug & play" features.

Candy Van Sweet Dispenser

The Candy Van is a bright and vibrant sweet and toy dispenser built in durable self-coloured fibreglass with no power required. The candy van has 18 sweet dispensers, 2 capsule toy dispensers and has an optional change machine on the back. This van is very user-friendly as each dispenser has its own independent coin mechanism which vend into one internal cash box. The vend prices vary between 20p and £1. This new addition to our range will be a colourful addition to any leisure or entertainment environment.