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JNC Sales

JNC Sales, Bristol, International Suppliers of New & Used Amusement Machines

JNC Sales is an influential company in the amusement industry, and has been for many years, with the large number of machines in stock at any one time, together with experienced technical workshop staff, making us different from our competitors. 

With 30 members of staff, including sales, workshop, warehouse and drivers, we are able to provide the complete service on the full range of amusement machines. We carry a large stock of Video Games, Fruit machines, Pushers, Crane Machines, Kiddie Rides, Redemption Machines, Pool Tables, Pintables and CD Juke Boxes.

We are now the European wide distributor for Tecway Kiddie Rides which have an extensive range of high quality, interactive, Kiddie Rides at very competitive prices. We also supply new redemption machines and will be bringing several new Ticket Redemption Whacker Machines to the market in the near future that are currently under development. In importing these machines we have established relationships with Tecway International Development and Feiloli Electronic Co.

Our Aftersales department provide a full and comprehensive service in the event that your amusement machine needs back-up. We also have a large range of tested and untested parts for sale at very competitive prices.

If you are interested in any of our products or services please don't hesitate to contact any of our team.


Sales Contact
Gary Newman
Telephone Number
Sales: +44 (0)117 938 2552 OR +44 7568524878 After Sales: +44 (0)117 938 2225
Unit 1 CCT Building, Greensplott Road, Chittening Trading Estate, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 0YB, UK
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JNC Sales has 58 products.

Space Reels - Coin Pusher

This unique five player pusher really is from another world, with its innovative shape specifically designed to optimise site returns and fill those tricky gaps. Space Reels comes with an alluring space-themed soundtrack, wide beds and a superb jackpot feature which offers players the chance to progress up the UFO and win more tickets from the spinning top flash. When a player hits the jackpot feature, their bed individually lights up, not only engaging the envy of fellow players but also making the pusher one of the most distinctive machines on the arcade floor.

Price: £14,995

Dino Mouth - Redemption Game

An ideal four player ticket redemption piece that is the perfect size and height for young children. Players must hit their buttons as quickly as they can to get their dinosaurs to eat the balls on the playing field faster than their opponents – a great game for families to get their teeth into! 

Price: £4,995

Lady Bug - Coin Pusher

Following the popular Busy Bees pusher, the six player straight is another bold and family-friendly pusher from Harry Levy which excels with its wide beds and colourful top flash.

Price: £13,995

Fire Hero - Amusement Game

Players must use the guns to shoot water at the Fire Monsters and collect special tools, which allow them to fire rotating water for extra excitement! The fake smoke and sirens that make up the top flash helps immerse players into the life of a firefighter in this visually spectacular one or two player water shooter

Dims: 1110mm W 2700mm D 2020mm H - £4,995

Alien Invasion - Redemption Amusement Game

Save the world from aliens with this brilliant themed two-player shooter. Players must aim the space balls at the screen to hit the aliens to get more points – and more tickets!

Dims: 1060mm W, 2250mm D, 1970mm H - £5,495

Dino World and Robot Wars - Amusement Games

These small kiddie games are even smaller in price and represent excellent value for FECS and indoor sites looking to fill space – and keep the children entertained! Each cabinet is equipped with an immersive screen and colourful LED lighting, so it’s no surprise that children want to take these games back with them! 

Dims (for both): 1250mm H, 530mm W, 770mm D - £995

Monster Smash (WIK) - Air Hockey Game

An innovative game by market leaders WIK that is already a smash hit!

2pl Monster Smash - £3,995 - 4pl Monster Smash - £4,995

BasketBlitz - Basketball Game

Linkable for up to 16 players, BasketBlitz is a simple yet hugely effective new basketball game that features a moving hoop, ticket payout and vibrant cabinet lighting that can be set-up in sequence if linked to other machines.

Dims: 980mm W, 2500mm D, 2400mm H - £2,195 each or 2 for £3,995

Kids VR - Virtual Reality Game

Keep the youngsters entertained as they immerse themselves in this perfect-sized virtual reality game. With VR hand-held glasses which also function as the menu navigation, there’s a wide range of levels that serve as the ideal educational and innovative platform for children aged between three and ten years old. Ticket Payout Option 

Dims: 670mm W, 660mm D, 11800mn H - £2,195 or 2 for £3,995

Captain Jack - Redemption Game

This kiddie ride features a hugely playable ball shooting game, where players must aim to shoot the cannons through the moving holes on the rival pirate ship. Rocking motion, vibrant lights and ticket payout will make children think they are the captain of the seven seas!

Dims: 1830mm W, 890mm D, 184mm H - £4,995