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JNC Sales

JNC Sales are a market leading one-stop shop for amusement equipment, with over forty years of experience in supplying a quality mix of new and used machines at the lowest possible prices. Working closely with the industry's leading manufacturers, JNC Sales continue to distribute machines around the world to suit all budgets, complemented by a professional sales service and dedicated aftersales support.

As a global distributor, JNC Sales offer the complete service on a wide range of amusement machines, including: Video Games, Redemption Machines, Ticket Eaters and Change Machines, Kiddie Rides, Coin Pushers, Sports Games, Photo Booths and Fruit Machines.

JNC's international success stems from their ability to cater for all customer requirements, with an expansive stock of quality machines, and the presence of the team across various exhibitions throughout the year, including the EAG, IAAPA Europe, the Family Attraction Show and ACOS.

If you are interested in any of JNC's products or services please do not hesitate to contact any of the team.


Sales Contact
Sam Coleman
Telephone Number
Sales: +44 (0)117 938 2552 OR +44 (0)7891 688345 - After Sales: +44 (0)117 938 2225
Unit 1 CCT Building, Greensplott Road, Chittening Trading Estate, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 0YB, UK
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JNC Sales has 31 products.

Circus Jars Amusement Game

Pick the right time to release the balls and land on the highest ticket value

  • Collect all the letters to win the Super Bonus jackpot
  • £5,995

Dims: 1.03m wide x 1.25m deep x 2.63m tall

Devils Hunter

 Throw the balls at the immersive LCD screen to battle again the devils and win tickets

  • "Monster Devil" boss level 
  •  £4,995

Dims: 0.88m wide x 1.96m deep x 2.3m tall

Butterfly Coin Pusher

Follow-up to popular Caterpillar and Lady Bug pusher range from Harry Levy

  • Distinctive topflash and themed soundtrack
  •  Centre lose holes and ticket payout
  • £15,995
  • 6 Player 

Dims: 2.02m wide x 1.18m deep x 2.08m tall

Giant Prize Pod PRO

  • Top performing prize redemption machine
  • Highly visible pod cabinet to hold giant toy up to 4ft tall
  • Ticket payout option now available
  • Cut the string at just the right time to release the prize
  • Available in Black, Purple, Silver, White, Pink


Dims: 1.1m wide x 2.13m tall

Crazy Toy

Crazy Toy - 1ply crane £2,495

 The most popular crane in the last three years

  • Stunning LED-lit cabinet to stand out in any location
  • Easy to set up on Prize Every Time or % payout
  • Linkable lighting option for multiple cranes

Dims: 0.78m wide x 1.02m deep x 1.98m tall

Giant Prize Pod

Unique concept to hold prizes up to 4ft high!

Cut the string to release the prize

 £2,495 NEW

Fantasy Bowling - Bowling Game

Fantasy Bowling 2ply £4,995

  • Two player bowling game with longer lanes for added realism
  • In-game flashing lights and colour changes
  • Exciting bonus games in between frames for ticket jackpots

Dims: 1.75m wide x 2.3m deep x 2.4m tall

Return of the Super Heroes - 2pl Rolldown

Return of the Super Heroes 2ply Rolldown £5,995

Two player ticket redemption game from Eurotek

Two coin entries per player for heightened gameplay and lower downtime

Dims: 1.46m W, 1.3m D, 2.03m H