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Heber Ltd

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Simon Rose
Telephone Number
+44 (0)1453 886 000
Belvedere Mill, Chalford, Stroud, Glos, UK, GL6 8NT
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Heber Ltd has 6 products.

X-PC 1600 - PC Board

+12V, Single rail power in
AMD eOntario (G-Series) Dual Core 1.6 GHz APU @ 18W
Integrated Dual Video ATI Radeon TM HD 6310 Graphics with 80 GPU Cores
LAN:2 x Realtek PTL8111E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet

X10i - Multiple I/O module for gaming controllers

USB real-time PC I/O controller

64 Switched Inputs / Outputs
Real-time I/O processor
Battery backed SRAM
Secure data retention
DALLAS unique identifier
Audio amp 5W RMS
Serial I/O
SEC meter
LED control
Real time clock
Current sensing 12v supply
Program in C, C+, C# or BlitzMax

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PLUTO - Embedded gaming control systems

Synonymous with innovative design and creative engineering, the Pluto range offers low power consumption and high performance with ultimate reliability. Whether you want to spin mechanical reels or display dual screen video, Pluto can meet your needs. Controller type: Embedded gaming control systems Uses: Ideally suited for low-cost embedded spin reel and video gaming systems

XLINE - USB peripherals for PC based systems

Maximising the simplicity of a single USB connection on your PC, XLine provides a multitude of gaming specific security options and comes equipped with a robust suite of softwareand API functions, making it even easier for you to start your gaming machine development. Controller type: Xline is a range of USB I/O gaming peripherals whichadd gaming functionality and security to PC based gaming control systems Uses: Ideally suited for use with Axis 945 or any other PC-based gaming control system equipped with a USB port

NUCLEUS - PC based gaming control systems

The Nucleus range offers a powerful PC-based single board control system designed with today's cost sensitive market in mind. The Nucleus' Integrated I/O (Input/Output) and dual video capability make the range perfect for high performance gaming applications; whilst the components from the Intel® Embedded Road Map ensure long-term supply. Driver software compatibility with current Heber X-Line I/O products allows games to be easily transferred from other PC platforms to Nucleus. Controller type: PC based gaming control systems designed for todays cost sensitive market Uses: Ideally suited for PC based gaming systems and high perfomance dual video systems

Design & Manufacture

Got an idea for an electronic control system? Our team of experienced engineers have the skills and expertise to help deliver your project to the marketplace. Heber is a world wide organisation, that designs, develops and manufactures electronic control systems for many well known clients. We specialise in cost sensitive markets that require real-time control. We are an ISO 9001 accredited company established manufacturer with a strictly controlled manufacturing process that has shipped in excess of 2 million electronic control systems.