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Harry Levy Amusement Contractor Ltd

Harry Levy Amusement Contractor Ltd. was formed in 1980. It was initially an operating company, however, current Managing Director Harry Levy soon utilised his 18 years experience manufacturing pushers to produce his own coin operated machines. These were initially coin pusher games, which to this day, still make up 70 percent of the amusement machines manufactured in the company's headquarters. Harry Levy Amusements still produces arcade pushers and since the mid 1980's has also diversified into novelty games, cranes and redemption machines becoming one of the leading manufacturers of these types of amusement machines in the UK. The company is also an importer and distributor of coin operated arcade machines, mainly from North America. Since 1984, the company has widened its export base, appointing first class, well-respected amusement machine suppliers to act as distributors worldwide.

These include Redemption Machine manufacturer Coastal Amusements of the US, Charlier Brabo of Belgium, Amusement suppliers Loontjens of the Netherlands and Tecnoplay of Italy. Amusement Machines produced by the company are modified to the legal and personal requirements of individual markets.

Sales Contact
Richard Walters
Telephone Number
+44 (0)1843 866464
Unit 6 Patricia Way, Pysons Road Industrial Estate, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2LF England, UK
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Used Equipment

Harry Levy Amusement Contractor Ltd has 8 used equipment item.

Second Hand Amusement Machines

Harry Levy are looking to sell our inventory of second hand machines. All of our machines are in excellent condition and all come in fully working order!

Drummer Championship

A drum game aimed at kids in a large, attractive cabinet! Machine features three drums in which players hit with their hands to match the corresponding patterns shown on the screen. Features a gigantic rabbit as the top sign and appealing artwork and graphics.

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WAS £995 NOW £495

King Crab

Featured in an absolutely stunning cabinet, the King Crab is a machine that grabs peoples attention. Players insert a coin into the machine, then are giving a fixed time and number of attempts to 'win'. The machine dispenses a prize capsule onto the play-field, which moves up and down. Players must press the start button at the exact time the capsule is raised in front of the crab to get it to grab the capsule and put it in the win shoot!

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WAS £995 NOW £495

Knock Out

Featured in a bright and rigid cabinet, this machine is an attractive version of the classic style of the punch bag games. The player enters the appropriate credit, selects how many players (1-4) then selects gender. After this, the punchbag will come out and players must punch down on it as hard as they can! Players score points and earn a rank depending on how hard they hit it.

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WAS £995 NOW £495


Inside the machines cabinet there is four balls, sat on a 3x3 grid. The player then has turns in which he can choose to 'lock' certain squares on the grid, and by leaving the other squares unlocked, they pop any balls on top of them to another place. The aim of the game is to make certain patterns (as shown on the machine), such as the classic '3 in a line' to win tickets, or all four balls in each corner!

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WAS £995 NOW £495


Shooting Star

Player loads a coin into the machine, then aims the coin using the handles next to the coin slot. When the player is happy with their aim, they then pull back a lever and let it go to shoot the coin. The machine has multiple pipes or goals each labelled with numbers, if the player manages to land their coin into one of these pipes, they are awarded that amount of tickets! Includes a special jackpot pipe at the very top for the most skilled players! Features great artwork and light effects, strongly appealing to children.

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WAS £995 NOW £495

Used Pushers

Selection of used penny pushers available from stock.

For further details and prices please email.

Used Redemption & Novelty Games

Selection of used, good condition, novelty and redemption games available. Used cranes also available from stock. Please email us if you would like more details.