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Javier Lanfranchi - Director of Intl. Sales
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HQ 001(215) 826-1400 Intl+44 2088579588
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ami Entertaiment Network has 5 products.

Megatouch Rx.

Merit Entertainment is proud to announce the release of its newest countertop, the Megatouch Rx. The elegant, low-profile design of the Rx breaks from the past with a radically different form factor, while continuing Merit’s long tradition of providing operators with attractive hardware to showcase the Megatouch games that players ask for by name.

The breakthrough design of the Rx features many industry firsts:

Low-height unit out of the bartenders way
New low-angle ergonomic design preferred by most players
All parts immediately accessible for easy service
1-tool access to every major component
Weather-resistant for typical outdoor bars in the wake of smoking bans
Subtle light show, attracts players, but still fits in any locale

New Aurora Widescreen

The Aurora WS is a spectacular showcase for over 150 touchscreen favorites from Merit’s industry-leading game catalog. The 14 brand new titles on their 2009 software release, including multiple hi-res games, take full advantage of the system’s vivid, 19” widescreen LCD. The unit also makes room for a media sidebar, allotting operators and locations a piece of on-screen real estate on which to run advertising and promotions.

With the release of this new countertop also comes a new connected business model, which delivers an entire range of benefits to operators. By purchasing an Aurora WS, operators score free software upgrades for life, free Tournamaxx (there is a $.05 per-play, but only on tournament plays), plus credit card support, which enables players to easily purchase more credits. Credit cards can also serve as an instant player login, driving player loyalty and repeat play. All of this is available at the same price as a regular Megatouch Aurora, plus $25 per month starting 12 months after the first connection. There are no fees during the first year (Tournamaxx per-play costs still apply). Merit also developed exclusive, patent-pending technology around the credit card to really boost operator earnings.

2008.5 software release

Merit Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of its 2008.5 software for ION and Force platforms. This upgrade includes two former Sneak Peek games plus new and enhanced content to refresh the ever-popular trivia and photo games. For MegaNet-connected machines, there will be 4 additional Sneak Peek games arriving in the coming months. There are also several “under the hood” improvements contained in this release.

The 2008 Sneak Peek games Beer Pong 21 and Luxor 2 are now available for the first time to everyone with this software release. In Beer Pong 21, players test their skill and accuracy while clearing 21 Beer Pong cups before time runs out. Fast-paced game play and stunning graphics are sure to make it another Megatouch crowd-pleaser.
Luxor 2 takes players on a mystical journey through ancient Egypt. The non-stop action, killer power-ups, and hundreds of gorgeous levels will draw players in huge numbers, resulting in a booming cashbox for operators.
The next round of Sneak Peek games for MegaNet-connected operators kicks off in the coming months with the Vegas chip-counting game Lucky 11’s. The solitaire-inspired card game Spider Kings and its symbol version 13 Spiders will follow soon after. Chainz 2 Puzzler, a tricky and challenging twist on a Megatouch favorite rounds out the roster.
Additionally, 22 classic Megatouch games such as Trivia Whiz, Photo Hunt, and Hollywood Match have been updated with fresh questions, puzzles and photos. MegaNet operators will also continue to receive regularly updated new images for Penthouse-branded games.

Enhanced system features on the 2008.5 software include improved clip art scaling on operator advertising screens, eye-popping Luxor 2 graphics on machines utilizing an ION Turbo Boost Kit (free with all 2008 machines), and complete access to AMI’s full music catalog on all IONs.

Megatouch Software 2008

Merit's 2008 Software release contains the most solid hits in the long history of Megatouch releases. Games like Beer Pong (ION-only) and Card Pirates are across-the-board hits. Action-seeking fans find their thrills through games like Luxor: Survival and Tricky Fish. Puzzle solvers love Ink Rally and social players enjoy Photo Pop, the long-waited sequel to Photo Hunt. That is just to name a few! All of the new games bring an unprecedented level of graphical depth and player-entrancing joy.

Megatouch Aurora

Megatouch Aurora makes a genuine advance in the quality of touchscreen entertainment. Whether it be the elegant, rounded design that invites players with a dynamic lightshow, choice of 17" or 19" monitor, a laptop hard drive that is guaranteed for life, the one minute Quick-Click software upgrade, full motion video capability, the Jukebox linking function or the slide out tray for easier maintenance, Aurora's improvements to ergonomics, player experience and operator functionality are outstanding.