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e-gaming s.r.o.

E-gaming s.r.o. is a young, but very dynamic and fast-evolving company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Since entering the gaming industry back in 2005, the company has begun to make a real name for itself and became one of the main players in its domestic market of the Czech Republic where the company has established a strong position in the VLT market.

E-gaming was one of the first companies to introduce VLTs in the Czech Republic and currently has one of the largest networks in the country with over 13.000 terminals in operation and 20.000 terminals in operation worldwide. For the last three years, the company successfully provides its services in Slovakia, Romania, Macedonia, Spain, Belgium, Mexico and at the end of 2014, the company has expanded to gaming markets in Panama and recently also in Columbia.

The company has developed strong and secure gaming system called Multi-lotto Server Based Gaming (SBG) that fully integrates with modern online technologies and allows easy access to advantages of these online technologies, such as multi-channel gaming that allows the players to access games both on land-based (VLTs and AWPs) and on-line platforms, support for multiplayer and progressive jackpots and also a fast access to any game currently available from the company's portfolio. 

Sales Contact
Radek Pucek
Telephone Number
+420-573-331048 / +420-776-225091
Revolucni 1082/8, Prague, Czech Republic
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